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Sustainable, Community Oriented Projects with Longterm Goals


Water Access

Rural Development

About US

Our Mission is to improve Haitian standard of living over the long term
Our Vision

Centre Inspiration Jeunesse (CIJ-HAITI) is a community grassroots organization and its main objective is to create the conditions that lead to lasting change. Based on this vision, our team seeks to establish strong local partnerships to create educational and economic opportunities in order to spread the use of appropriate technologies that improve living conditions. Our long term vision is to house businesses and educational seminars at our future Appropriate Institute of Technology (AIT) in Verrettes.

  • Sustainability

    With sustainibility as our main priority, each of our projects emphasizes longevity and environmental impact.

  • Community Involvement

    For each project we aim to involve the affected community in the decision making process by consulting community elders and leaders.

  • Independance

    Providing independance to our target communities is paramount. Their ability to develop and grow once our project is completed is at the core of how we operate.

  • Respect

    Working with the community, respecting their needs and beliefs, while maintaining a healthy relationship is our key to success in the region

Our Team

Meet our Team.
Osprival Descomme
Osprival Descomme
Executive Director
Our founder, Osprival Descomme, was born and raised in Haiti and has known that the key to the sustainable development of Haiti, lies with the people of Haiti. Together with the elders and key community members, he formed CIJ Haiti. Since then, the organization has been able to plant the seeds of lasting change.
Denis Saint-Surin
Denis Saint-Surin
Director of Education Programs
As a responsible accountant, results-oriented and highly adaptable education director, Denis is a very important asset to CIJ, helping coordinate our finances and educational programs. Thank you for your dedication Denis!
Bernard Destin
Bernard Destin
Director of Agroecology and Reforestation Programs
Erline Semexant
Erline Semexant
Director of Water Accessibility and Administration
Trilingual, versatile and with over 15 years of experience in show business and with Doctors without Borders Erline brings significant knowledge to our projects. Her motivation and perseverance is inspiring and helps us achieve our goals. Thank you for your work Erline!
Team member
Team member
Gabriel Osson
Gabriel Osson
Project Manager
Douna Descombres
Douna Descombres
Director of Female Empowerment Programs

Those We've Helped

Members of the Haitian community who have benefitted from our projects

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